Arrival time for all classes is NO EARLIER than 5 minutes before class when classes run back to back. Interruptions are distracting especially for the younger students. The instructor will open the door when it is time to change classes. The studio will open for the first class of the day approximately 10 to 15 minutes before class.  When the “OPEN” sign is turned on, the doors are unlocked.  Pay special attention to the schedule!  If there is a ten minute break between classes, for example, you may drop your child off as soon as the previous class dismisses so that he/she has time to get ready for class.


Our classes are held at 1413 Falcon Rd.  When entering the property on Falcon Rd., traffic must stay to the right so the drop off lane will run smoothly. Parking will be in the center around the trees and to the east or west of the property. There will be no parking directly in front of the building to allow for a drop off lane.


Please let us know who is picking up your child. Be prompt! If an emergency arises and you are running late, please call the studio phone at 580-318-2255 and let us know so your child does not worry.  You may also text to the studio phone or your child’s instructor.


No visitors are permitted during class time! If a student is unable to attend class without a parent, then he/she should not be taking dance. Also, your child is not allowed to bring friends to observe class. We cannot be liable for children not taking class. In the case this happens, we will call a parent to pick the child up.

Having a “no visitors” policy reduces distractions thus giving us the full attention of our students. Parents will have several opportunities to observe class and we will notify you as to when we will be allowing visitors. Be sure to check our website at the beginning of each month to read that month’s newsletter or calendar of events.

If you have a special visitor that would like to observe your child in class (Grandma and Grandpa, for example, are visiting), simply notify your child’s instructor in advance to request permission to observe so she can prepare the students for visitors.


Costumes for the recital will be ordered in December this year. One costume is ordered for each class, except for Musical Theatre, Vocal Performance and Hip Hop.  At the time of enrollment, your child’s costume deposits are due. We will measure students in November and order in December.  We will not know the balance of the costume until it is ordered.  Budget approx $100 for each costume.  We include tights with costumes, if needed, so that the class will match.  Shoes are not included in the cost of costumes.  You will receive your balance due is December and it will be charged in January with tuition.

A $25 recital fee is due in March for all dancers participating in the May recitals.


Our recital marks the culmination of our dance year and is held in two parts, Act I and Act II.  If your child is in one class, he or she will be in one of the two recitals.  If your child is in multiple classes, your child may possibly be in both.  Recital DVDs will be available for purchase from KEYB.  Recital T-shirts are sold with all the dancers’ names on the back as a momento of our big day!  We are planning for our recitals to be the first weekend in May this year but we will let you know as soon as we secure the venue.  Dress rehearsals are held on Sat and both recitals are held on Sunday.