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Here are some things you need to know if this is your first recital….1) no fingernail or toenail polish 2) no jewelry…if you have to, small studs only! 3) no panties!!! In other words, we do not want to see panties showing underneath tights. Yuck! If you insist…figure it out where they don’t show. Yank those bad boys up! 4) Wear makeup or you will look pale and washed out. Lips, cheeks and eyes for sure! 5) Organize costumes and come prepared dressed & ready for your first dance. 6) Don’t forget to stretch! 7) label everything or it will disappear! 8) Bobby pins & Safety pins 9) Don’t forget to go potty BEFORE you go onstage….no onstage please! 10) HAVE FUN!... View Full Article
Individual Pictures
Starting at 9am Saturday morning at the auditorium Shanda will be taking individual pictures in the lobby. She’ll be there until 2pm or until she’s finished. Here’s the order form in case you want to have your check ready. She’ll have forms there for you to fill out. Thanks! GB... View Full Article
T-shirt update!!!
The T design looks better on a white shirt. It’s nice and soft and thick (not see-through) and is going to be multi-colored on both sides. Emily Kate Pickett’s winning design on one side outlined in a gold frame and your child’s name along with all of our dancers on the back with fun circus colors/images. T’s are $15 – next great thing: no additional cost for 2xl-4xl….if you already paid, we will send your change back with your T. They will be passed out the week before the recital with a special surprise gift. Another great thing: we can... Continue Reading
Recital Flowers
It is customary to present a dancer with flowers upon the completion of the performance. Again this year, we are offering an affordable and super convenient option for ordering flowers. Simply go to to choose and order your flowers. The bouquets will be mixed farm fresh flowers so even if you order two of the same for your dancer, we will make sure you get different looking bouquets. As you enter the front doors on recital day, we will have your flowers ready for you. Please make sure you put a name on the order when paying so we... Continue Reading
Recital Tab
Please visit the RECITAL 2019 tab at the top of the page. If you do not see it, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and choose SWITCH TO DESKTOP VERSION and return to the top to view the tabs. It contains lots of recital info so you are in the loop at all times!... View Full Article
Does your child need new shoes?!
This is the time to check your dancer’s shoes! We’re getting complaints of tight shoes. Don’t forget you can order and have them shipped straight to you from our online store. Make sure you type in the address. It doesn’t work if you copy and paste! If you need DeeJay to size your child while he/she is in class, please text her at the studio number – 580-318-2255.... View Full Article
Recital Costume Balances
Costume balances have been posted. Your balance is the amount left after your $50 costume deposit has been deducted. Your costume fee includes any props, accessories and any tights, if needed. Costume balances are due by Friday, January 25. As of Monday, January 28, a 20% late fee will be charged to all unpaid balances. Costumes will be sent home when they are complete. Any class props will not be sent home. We will take those to the auditorium for dress rehearsal to ensure they get there. All costumes are made to order and will begin arriving in April. If... Continue Reading
Studio One will be closed the weeks of December 24th and December 31st.  Classes will resume Monday, January 7, 2019!  Have a Merry Christmas!... View Full Article
An email was sent to all customers Friday, November 30th titled, “DECEMBER NEWS.”  Please make sure you are reading our emails to stay in the loop! Thanks!... View Full Article
We invite parents to observe in December!  Due to limited parking, please follow this schedule: Week of 12/3   COME IF YOUR LAST NAME STARTS WITH A – D Week of 12/10   COME IF YOUR LAST NAME STARTS WITH E – O Week of 12/17   COME IF YOUR LAST NAME STARTS WITH P-Z Remember that our students are used to a distraction free classroom so we kindly ask you to turn cell phones to silent and if you have to bring children, please keep them seated and quiet.  Thank you so much for understanding.  Our students are excited... Continue Reading
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