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The studio is closed Monday, October 23rd for Fall Break.  Studio One follows the Altus Public School calendar.... View Full Article
Costume Deposits are due November 1st!
Don’t forget to log into your Customer Portal and pay your costume deposits by November 1st if you haven’t already.  We will start measuring students and putting our recital costume orders together in November.  If your child is not participating in our May recitals, simply let us know if you haven’t already.  Thanks, Gabrielle... View Full Article
Parking & Drop Off/Pick Up at Studio One!
Please be sure to pull to the right when entering onto Studio One property.  You may park around the island or on the west end of the property but not in front of the building, which is our drop off/pick lane(s).  You may make two lanes when dropping off and picking up but please be extra careful of the children walking to and from cars.  Also, be please be sure to park the proper way around the island. Reminder, the studio doors will open 10-15 minutes before the first class of the day.  Please pick your children up promptly or... Continue Reading
Miss Lexi’s Baby Shower!
You are all invited to Miss Lexi’s baby shower on Saturday, November 4th from 9:30am to 11am at Studio One!... View Full Article
Costumes the week of Halloween!
All students are invited to wear his or her favorite costume the week of Halloween, October 30th.  Just make sure it can be danced in!  Thanks!... View Full Article
HERE ARE THE DATES FOR THE SEMESTER FOR VP: Wednesday, October 18th & 25th 3:30-5pm Wednesday, November 1st & 15th 3:30-5pm Wednesday, December 6th & 13th 3:30-5pm... View Full Article
Musical Theatre & Hip Hop Workshops!
MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOPS: OCTOBER 28TH & DECEMBER 2ND MT October workshop:  all levels 9:30am to noon – Halloween themed workshop HIP HOP WORKSHOPS: OCTOBER 28TH & DECEMBER 2ND KINDER THROUGH 3RD GRADERS  1PM TO 2:30PM 4TH GRADERS & UP  2:30-4pm Workshops with low enrollment may be canceled!  Please RSVP for October workshops by Wednesday, Oct 25th. LUNCH BREAK FROM NOON TO 1PM.  ALL STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP.  THE STUDIO WILL OPEN FOR THE AFTERNOON SESSIONS AT 12:50PM Hip Hop Workshop – $15 Musical Theatre Workshop – $25 Your account will be charged and debited the day of the workshop... Continue Reading
Class Schedule
2017-2018 STUDIO ONE CLASS SCHEDULE MONDAYS: 4-4:45PM   CONTEMPORARY 1   &   BALLET 2 4:50-5:35PM   CONTEMPORARY 2   &    BALLET 1 (CLOSED) NOTE:  Students may not enroll in Contemporary without concurrently enrolling in Ballet.  Ballet classes will be held in the Ballroom. 5:40-6:25PM   JAZZ 2   &   ADVANCED BALLET 6:30-7:15PM    POINTE TUESDAYS: IN THE STUDIO~ 3:55-4:45PM  KINDERGARTEN & 1st GRADE COMBO 4:55-5:45PM   1ST GRADE COMBO (CLOSED) 5:50-6:35PM   TAP 1 6:35-7:20PM   ADVANCED TAP IN THE BALLROOM~ 4-4:45PM  JAZZ 3 4:50-5:35PM   JAZZ 1 5:40-6:25PM   ADVANCED JAZZ THURSDAYS: IN THE BALLROOM~ 3-3:45PM... Continue Reading
Dance is starting soon!!!
Dance classes are resuming on Tuesday, September 5th!  We are so excited to start back!   Class requirements, financial obligations and policies are located in a dropdown menu via the website if you are on a desktop computer or you can view them by logging into the customer portal.  If you are already enrolled, you will receive an email and text message this week with info about next week! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!  Gabrielle... View Full Article
As of August 22nd, the following classes are closed.  If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please email Gabrielle at 3 & 4 year old combo class Pre-K combo class 1st Grade combo class Note – The Kinder combo class is now the Kinder/1st Gd combo class so if you have a 1st grader, you still have options! Ballet 1 Many other classes are close to capacity so please enroll as soon as possible and make sure you complete your enrollment by clicking on the “check out” option after you have selected your classes.  If... Continue Reading
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