If you are having trouble viewing class requirements, policies and financial obligations that are located under the DOCUMENTS tab, we are working to resolve the issue. Thank you!... View Full Article
Finalizing the Fall Schedule!
This week you will receive a confirmation for each class your child is enrolled in with the day and time.  We have been blessed with a good enrollment so we have added classes to the schedule so it will change a bit.  The studio is currently undergoing renovations to add a third room so we can have three classes going on simultaneously.  We are really excited to be making this addition!  Thank you for choosing Studio One for your child’s dance education.  We are constantly improving our facility to make it the best it can be for our students.  Shoe... Continue Reading
Enrollment for Summer 2014 and Fall 2014
Studio One is now taking new students! July Summer session classes are listed on the Summer Dance tab at the top of the website. We are finalizing the Fall schedule the first week of July so if you have not yet enrolled, please do so ASAP!  The forms can be printed off from our website (located under downloadable documents) and mailed in or brought by.  Please pay special attention to the enrollment instructions on the enrollment form.  There is a $35 registration fee and a $50 costume deposit due per class.  Thanks!... View Full Article
Just a reminder that this week we are implementing our new security system.  Doors are locked during classes and will be opened ten minutes before and after class.  You must ring the bell at either the studio or ballroom doors if you need assistance.  Our security cameras are also being installed this week.... View Full Article
How to enroll…
STUDIO ONE WILL BEGIN ENROLLING STUDENTS FOR THE SUMMER AND FALL/SPRING 2014/2015 IN MAY.  WE WILL ALSO BE PREPARING FOR OUR MAY 17 & 18TH DANCE RECITALS SO PLEASE MAIL ENROLLMENT FORMS IN OR DROP THEM OFF AT 1413 FALCON ROAD.  WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING PHONE CALLS/EMAILS PERTAINING TO ENROLLMENT UNTIL AFTER THE DANCE RECITALS.  EVERYONE WILL BE ROUTED TO THIS WEBSITE FOR INFORMATION. To enroll with Studio One,  print off the enrollment form and medical release form from this website.  To find it, click on the tab at the top of the page that says “Documents” then scroll down to “Downloadable Documents”... Continue Reading