Studio One registration is done online through our PARENT PORTAL to ensure it is fair. DeeJay & I will turn the portal on at 9am on Thursday, August 1st. We receive orders in the order they are completed, which means you must check out through the cart COMPLETELY! If you have a past due balance, you will be required to pay it before you can enroll. Due at enrollment is your child’s $35 REGISTRATION FEE. You must pay that and then return to your cart and CHECK OUT. THE ONLY THING YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY AT ENROLLMENT IS YOUR CHILD’S REGISTRATION FEE. Once your child’s enrollment is accepted by us, tuition will be posted to your account. We give a multi-student/class discount but DeeJay or I have to manually apply that to your account so you may not see it for a few days. You are welcome to pay your child’s $50 costume deposit per class at enrollment but it is not due until November 1st. We do this for our customers who have multiple costume deposits to pay for. You’re in charge of your account. We only charge your card for tuition each month (on or around the 15th – see Financial Obligations for exact dates).

If your child orders shoes or dance attire from S1 or takes private lessons, your card on file will be charged the day of the purchase/lesson.

We cannot be held liable for your mistakes during enrollment. If you miss the class you want and enroll your child in an upper level class, he or she is not ready for, we will not approve it. Enroll in the proper age group. If your child is older but has never taken Tap, for example, enroll in Tap 1. The basics must be learned first! We can always move him/her up but prefer not to have to move a student down a level. If a class is unavailable, it is closed. You may email me to be put on a waiting list.

Our goal is to build our students up, promote high self-esteem and positive personal growth in a nurturing, loving artistic environment. Placing them in the proper class plays a huge factor in achieving that goal.

Sincerely Yours,

Gabrielle Barnett, Studio One Owner/Director