THIS IS A TENTATIVE ORDER OF THE RECITAL!  (Note – there are hair notes listed beside the numbers)

Dress rehearsal is Saturday, May 5th at the high school auditorium beginning at 10am and once your child is done with his/her dances, you are welcome to leave.  Students are to wear costumes with hair, makeup etc.  We run the show like it’s the real deal! It is also our tech rehearsal so if any classes have issues, we will let them run their routine again so it will be a long day.  Please be patient!  This is all for the kids so let’s relax and have a good time!

Sunday, May 6th 5:30pm – SHOWTIME!!

Doors will open at 4pm so that you can get your seats and pick up your flowers in the lobby.  Dancers should be ready for their first number.  We will have a 15 minute intermission in the middle of the show.  Remember to invite family, friends and neighbors – it’s a free show and we love a packed house!  Baskets will pass at some point to raise money for Kids with Cancer, our studio philanthropy.

  1. Gaby Agosto solo – Heather Bryce Scholarship recipient 2017-2018
  2. Molly & Brittany duet – River
  3. Emily Pickett solo
  4. Contemporary 2 – high ponytails
  5. 3’s & 4’s Ballet – hair down with sides up (1/2 up, 1/2 down)
  6. Advanced Tap – high ponytails
  7. Contemporary 1 – low pigtails with hood pinned up, band on right arm
  8. 1st grade Tap – hair 1/2 up, 1/2 down
  9. VP Foster & Taylor duet
  10. Advanced Ballet – bun
  11. Pre-K Ballet – hair in a high ponytail
  12. Boys Tap
  13. Jazz 2 – low ponytail with black hat and diamond hair tie
  14. Kinder Tap – hair 1/2 up, 1/2 down
  15. Molly Little Senior solo
  16. 3’s & 4’s Tap
  17. Pointe – high ponytail
  18. VP – Peyton & Payton      ~~~~~~~~~INTERMISSION HERE!~~~~~~~~~
  19. Foster Tischler solo
  20. Advanced Contemporary – high ponytail
  21. 1st grade Ballet
  22. Ballet 2 – Bun
  23. Boys Hip Hop
  24. Tap 1 – high ponytails
  25. Pre-K Tap
  26. Brittany Lundmark Senior solo
  27. Jazz 3 – hair down with sides up with bow
  28. VP – Chloe & Payton
  29. Tap 2 – low side ponytail (on the right) with hat
  30. Ballet 1 – Bun
  31. Kinder Ballet
  32. Advanced Jazz – high ponytail
  33. Jazz 1 – high ponytail
  34. Gracen Hawthorne solo
  35. Finale – VP students sing Fabulous and all students return to the stage for a final bow and special presentations.