Full Speed Ahead to Recital 2023!

Now that Spring Break has come to an end, we are working hard to prepare for our Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 DANCE RECITAL, starting at 6pm. Our Dress Rehearsal will be on Monday, May 22nd starting a 5pm. Dress Rehearsal will be a run through of the show in full hair, costume and makeup. The only dances that will not perform in our Dress Rehearsal are any solos, duets and trios. They will practice earlier in the day so that our Dress Rehearsal doesn’t run too late.

Things to remember:

Organize all your dancer’s costumes by dance and make sure to have hair accessories, shoes and tights with the proper costume.

Screen shot the order from the website when it is posted and put your child’s costume in order.

Practice hair and makeup in advance and make any adjustments needed after Dress Rehearsal.

Don’t forget to get your dancer a little gift or flowers to give to her at the end of the recital. All dancers will take the stage at the end for their final bow. Traditionally, that is the time to present flowers and take pictures with family and friends.

3&4 year old and 5-7 year old classes change shoes only so they will not need to use the dressing rooms backstage. 5-7 year olds will also change skirts between their Tap and Ballet dances but again, they do not need to use the dressing rooms.

All dancers should arrive for Dress Rehearsal and Recital dressed in their first costume.

We will be taking orders for Recital T-shirts soon. They are always a fun themed shirt that we wear the week before Recital to advertise our show. All dancers’ names are listed on the back.

More to come soon including COSTUMING INFORMATION. Check back soon, please!

Thanks, Gabrielle & Staff