NEW! Unlimited Class Option!

Are you freaking out because your dancer wants to take EVERY class? We understand and for our dancers that would prefer to live in the dance studio, we have a sweet deal for you! This is for our dancers ages 8 and up.

Unlimited Classes for a single student plus FREE tuition to our weekend workshops for $285 per month!

Let’s break this down to see if it’s worth it for you. Our 60 minute classes are $75 per month and our 45 minute classes are $60 per month.

Jazz 1, Ballet 1, Tap 1, Acro 2, Musical Theatre 1, Lyrical/Contemporay and Hip Hop 1 = $435 – $87 S1 multi-class discount = $348/month for 28 classes per month (7 per week) breaks down to $12.43 per class SO if you choose the Unlimited Class option, you save an additional $63 per month and it brings the class rate down to $10.18 per class plus weekend workshops are free of charge for your dancer!

Here’s a breakdown for an older dancer who has more 60 minute classes. Jazz 3, Ballet 3, Tap 2, Acro 3, MT 2, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop 2 and Pointe = $495/month – S1 multi-class discount $99= $396/month for 8 classes per week or 32 per month = $12.34 per class SO for $285 per month you will pay only $8.90 per class.

Please be sure to do the math and weigh your options! Even if your child doesn’t take every class we offer, the Unlimited Class option still may be better for you.

Weekend Workshops will be held 1 to 2 times per month, depending on the school schedule(no holiday weekends) and we will be offering classes such as: ~Jumps, Leaps & Turns, ~Conditioning A Strong Dancer, ~Ballet Technique, ~Jazz Technique, ~ Contemporary & Lyrical Technique, ~Stretching Today’s Dancer. Weekend Workshops are an extension of weekly classes so they are only open to Studio One students and are normally $25 per workshop.

Multi-class discounts are applied to accounts after enrollment, not automatically at checkout. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

“to live is to dance!”

Gabrielle Barnett