Dropping Off & Picking Up Procedure

After a full week of classes, we have discovered that we must drop off in the front of the building through the lane and pick up in the back so that the class coming and the class going are separated.

The drop off lane moves North. Please pull all way to the north end of the porch and exit into northbound traffic.

When picking up in the back, please pull all the way around to the back of our building, swing around by the fence and form a line.  If you’re the first one, please pull all the way up to the south end of the back part of MeMe’s Treasures, just past the air conditioner.

If your child is in the last class of the day, you are welcome to pick up in the front but you must let your child know to meet you there because the instructor will be sending children out the back door.

For added security, we have cameras monitoring both entrances and the front porch.