Parking & Drop Off/Pick Up at Studio One!

Please be sure to pull to the right when entering onto Studio One property.  You may park around the island or on the west end of the property but not in front of the building, which is our drop off/pick lane(s).  You may make two lanes when dropping off and picking up but please be extra careful of the children walking to and from cars.  Also, be please be sure to park the proper way around the island.

Reminder, the studio doors will open 10-15 minutes before the first class of the day.  Please pick your children up promptly or call/text your child’s instructor or the studio phone at 580-318-2255 to let us know you will be late.

Be sure to read the Studio One CLASS REQUIREMENTS, FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS & POLICIES either through your Parent Portal or here on the website.  Thanks so much for your cooperation!